Marcel is a serial entrepreneur with experience in high-growth business management, fundraising, and translational science. His background is highly interdisciplinary, with an MSc and PhD at the intersection of medical technologies, data analysis, and software engineering. Through his PhD research at the University of Cambridge, Marcel met Prof. Rebecca Fitzgerald and Dr Maria O’Donovan, with whom he co-founded Cyted.

Cyted is a company developing digital diagnostic infrastructure to drive the earlier detection of disease. As CEO, Marcel successfully secured and negotiated funding rounds led by Morningside Venture Capital and support by Innovate UK. Due to the pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyted has grown rapidly: in numbers, from three co- founders in March 2020 to a 30-strong team in February 2021; and in scope, with the implementation pilot Project DELTA accelerated alongside our roll-out with NHS England and NHS Scotland.

Marcel’s vision of how digital technologies will transform healthcare is centred around how human individuals provide and receive care. By building a diagnostic service framework leveraging digital pathology infrastructure and artificial intelligence technologies, he aims to reduce overhead costs for healthcare providers while retaining or even increasing diagnostic accuracy.