Rick is Senior Consultant Urologist at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust with a specialist interest in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. In 2017 – 2018 he completed a pilot evaluation of local anaesthetic transperineal biopsies using the PrecisionPointTM Transperineal Access System. He was appointed as an NIA Fellow in 2019 to scale the introduction of local anaesthetic transperineal biopsies (LA TP) nationally as an alternative to general anaesthetic transperineal and local anaesthetic Transrectal biopsies (TRexit). He retired from the NHS in October 2019, returning on a part–time contract, to devote more time to the teaching and training of the techniques for LA TP biopsies to Urology Consultants, Junior Doctors, Urology Nurses, Radiologists and Radiographers.

Rick is a Director of PPDT Ltd which has a consultancy and royalty agreement with BXTAccelyon, the UK appointed distributor of the PrecisionPoint device, for the payment of Honoraria for Teaching & Training and running courses on LA TP biopsies out with his NHS commitments.