The challenge

Healthcare today is hugely centralised, delivered through sparse infrastructure – clinics and hospitals – and a sparse workforce – clinicians. There is an estimated shortfall of 7 million doctors globally. This results in delays to treatment and care, limited access to clinicians and high cost of health and social care.

The solution

Feebris have produced the next generation of remote health monitoring by designing a solution that both captures precise health measurements and triages health concerns quickly, easily and accurately. The technology includes a mobile application which connects to medical devices and captures a range of health measurements. This enables any user to become part of a powerful decentralised health system and capture clinical-grade health measurements. It is designed to act as an early warning system, shifting risk away from hospital facilities and making earlier interventions possible.

Feebris also provides the user with personalised patient triage support ensuring patients are accurately escalated to GPs/urgent care when required and aren’t referred when they don’t need further support. GPs and multi-disciplinary care teams access the same information and can monitor patient’s health measurements effectively in real-time.

Feebris is a great tool that has great potential, already it has helped impact patient care and reduce A&E admissions. It has provided pertinent and important clinical data that has already made a difference by providing appropriate information to inform clinical management.

Dr Mina Goyal, General Practitioner in East London

The impact

Feebris has proven effectiveness in two different contexts – elderly UK care and children’s health in urban Indian slums – demonstrating:

  • Reduced avoidable GP and urgent care referrals – with the potential to save health systems billions of pounds.
  • Health issues caught earlier with a reduction their severity as a result.
  • Increased GPs’ and other health providers’ capacity to treat their most vulnerable patients.
  • Improved patient and staff experience.