The challenge

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men; more than 1 billion men are currently at risk. It is also one of the most curable cancers when diagnosed early —98% of men diagnosed early are cured. However, each day more than 1,000 men are told they have incurable prostate cancer because the early signs were not detected.

Globally, insurers and healthcare systems spend US $31bn each year on treating those diagnosed late, equating to almost 50% of the total US$63bn spent on prostate cancer. This spend is forecast to grow at 10% p.a. as populations age.

Early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer would have saved these men and saved this money for healthcare systems.

Yet it isn’t as simple as getting more men tested. Detecting the early signs of prostate cancer is difficult without over-testing and over-treating healthy men. Of the highly invasive biopsies performed each year, more than 50% are unnecessary.

Over-testing and over-treating have meant that prostate cancer is the only cancer of the “big 3” that does not have screening programs. The benefits of early detection are clear, but not at the expense of over-testing and over-treating healthy men. Our innovation directly addresses improving the early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Without a change, millions of men will die in the next decade; billions will be spent on trying to treat them while healthy men suffer the consequences of unnecessary procedures. Early detection is the cure to death by prostate cancer, but it cannot be at the expense of harming healthy men.

The solution

Maxwell Plus has developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms that detect prostate cancer early and made this available directly to patients via an online, virtual service. Working with expert clinicians the AI analyses blood and imaging data to find prostate cancer early, decreasing deaths by at least 78%.

The early signs of prostate cancer are contained within the testing, demographic and imaging information that already exists for patients. By analysing this data with powerful algorithms, we have been able to detect 38% more cancers earlier, with 54% fewer invasive, unnecessary procedures.

The AI was trained on the world’s largest database of prostate cancer patients and consists of 6 separate AI models that evaluate different factors. Monitoring blood results and reviewing images for the signs of cancers, these models combine to create an overall risk score that is updated with each new data point received from the patient.

The service is delivered virtually and directly to the patient via a dedicated app. Current users have greatly received the convenience of a virtual service. Patients come for the peace of mind from our accuracy and stay for convenience.

I had been watching my steadily rising PSA for years without any concern from my GP. I…decided to get a second opinion by joining [Maxwell Plus]. Long story short, I was directed to have an MRI, then a biopsy and was diagnosed with prostate cancer by an excellent local urologist that [Maxwell Plus] referred me to. I feel that [Maxwell Plus] saved me and my family a lot of misery down the track…

Terry, 52, user of Maxwell Plus

The impact

  • Reduces metastatic prostate cancer presentation by greater than 85%
  • Finds 40% prostate cancer with 54% fewer unnecessary invasive biopsies
  • Detects prostate cancer in men five years younger at PSAs 60% lower than UK median
  • Patient’s love the experience – 4.7/5 stars from more than 700 reviews