The challenge

Patient behaviours drive cancer outcomes, yet patients struggle to cope with the complexity of managing cancer. Self-management improves patient outcomes, lengthens survival, reduces burden on health services and costs.

Deeper understanding of and support for patients is also crucial to engaging patients in research and developing more effective therapies.

This problem must be solved now. Supporting cancer patients more flexibly and remotely was important pre-covid, but post-pandemic, it’s essential, given increased remote care and remote clinical communication, limitations on clinical resources and vulnerability to infection during cancer, increased need for self-management and tackling mental health and loneliness, and much greater focus on remote data collection in vital research. There is clear research evidence for positive impact of personalised patient support on both quality of life and overall survival.

The solution

Vinehealth’s digital ecosystem combines behavioural science and AI to deliver personalised remote patient support whilst gathering rich longitudinal patient-reported data (PROMS data) to inform service delivery, clinical decision-making and remote follow-up, thereby improving cancer outcomes.

The patient-facing aspect is a mobile app that empowers cancer patients to feel more in control and better self-manage by enabling patients to track, understand and optimise their care, seamlessly integrating with smartphones, wearables and EHRs. ML algorithms deliver highly personalised behavioural nudges and evidence-based educational material to improve self-management between appointments. There is strong evidence that the tracking alone increases tolerance of chemotherapy and improves outcomes.

Through this, the Vinehealth platform gathers rich, longitudinal, patient-generated data crucial to clinical decision-making, clinical research and health service delivery. The clinician-facing dashboard communicates this crucial data directly back to where it can have most impact, by enabling better therapeutic research and better clinical decision-making.

Vinehealth extends the depth and breadth of information available to allow patients to make the best possible decision regarding their care with the clinical team. The platform also allows carefully curated information to be shared with the patient. Patients can definitely benefit from the advantages it offers.

NHS Oncologist

The impact

  • A recent evaluation of the Vinehealth platform with a leading cancer centre demonstrated 100% PROMS completion, 87% patients reporting improved quality of life through using the platform and 97% patient engagement.
  • Evidence shows that when patients simply track their symptoms and medications effectively, survival can increase by up to 20%.
  • The evidence suggests that per 1,000 patients, the support offered by Vinehealth can lead to 50 fewer A&E admissions/year (38% reduction) and 26,000 fewer hospital admission days/year (41% reduction) for NHS Trusts, as well as improved patient experience.