• 40% more appointments attended
  • £317,000 saved in 3 months
  • Increase in patient engagement
  • Increase in patient choice and self-management
  • Happier patients and teams!

One of the country’s leading foundation trusts with two large central London hospitals, Guy’s and St Thomas’ have 1000 inpatient beds and over 2 million patient contacts per year.

Before DrDoctor came onboard, Women’s Services at Guy’s Hospital were experiencing high DNA rates and low patient engagement. Patients found it very difficult to contact the department if they were unable to attend an appointment.

The DrDoctor team were really hands on, really helpful. They were here a lot, training up all the various members of staff and really holding your hand through every stage through it to make sure that it all rolled out and everything went according to plan.
Annabel Balcombe, Service Manager, Women’s Services, Guy’s and St Thomas’

The Trust wanted to save in the region of £2.5 to £3.5 million annually post implementation.

What DrDoctor did:
Guy’s and St Thomas’ achieved these outcomes as patients can now self-manage their care thanks to DrDoctor automating the clinic booking, rescheduling and reminder system. Patients choose to receive confirmations and reminders online, by text message, or email. If they are no longer able to make an appointment, they can view other available times, select an alternative that works for them, book it, and receive a confirmation. All of this is done without any phone calls and is fully integrated with the patient administration system at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ now has much happier patients and a solid technology base to build on.

There have been a huge number of benefits. Firstly, lots of benefits for patients because it’s a lot easier for them to change their appointment, have it at a time that is convenient for them. Lots of benefits for staff because it makes their working life much more straightforward in terms of how they’re getting hold of patients. But also, a lot of financial benefits. So, we’ve been able to increase the utilisation in our clinics and we worked out that for the year we’ve earned an additional £300,000.
Jenny Thomas, General Manager, Women’s Services, Guy’s and St Thomas’