Px, a digital health company dedicated to improving cancer outcomes and the developer of NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) innovation OWise, has received a significant investment boost from one of Europe’s most successful fintech entrepreneurs. The funding will allow for the significant development of OWise, a mobile cancer patient support platform which improves people’s experience of cancer treatment at the same time as gathering fully anonymised, patient reported data on the differing responses to medical treatments.

OWise – currently supporting thousands of breast cancer patients – will now be developed to cover all types of cancer, aiming to make this available to the many patients worldwide. Px will also deepen its research into using the real-world data supplied by patients to improve clinical outcomes.

Arnout Schuijff said:

“Px has demonstrated with the OWise app they can improve communication between patient and doctors and generate valuable research data without compromising privacy. They’ve made a conscious choice to build long term value rather than short term gains and
still create a viable business with high ethical standards. I wanted to invest because this is a prime example of Technology for Good.”

Anne Bruinvels, NIA Alumni and Px Founder and CEO said:

“We are thrilled that an entrepreneur of Arnout Schuijff’s standing has thrown his weight behind Px. This significant investment will make a real difference in the pace at which we can work now to improve patients’ experience of their cancer treatment and convert the data into high-value insights and evidence.”