Felicia leads FibriCheck’s market access and UK public and industry partnerships. FibriCheck is an innovative smartphone and smartwatch application that remotely detects cardiac arrhythmias and prevents unnecessary strokes through timely data insights for providers.

Felicia’s mission with FibriCheck is to support digital pathway transformation, improved outcomes for CVD patients and greater access to care, regardless of geography. FibriCheck realises health equity by meeting people where they are, through their own devices, and empowers them to live a long and healthy life. Felicia holds a Master’s degree in health policy and business management, from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. With over 15 years of cross-sector experience throughout the care continuum, her co-creation approach to service redesign and high-touch engagement continues to garner trusted relationships with governments, insurers, big tech, life science firms, academics, and healthcare providers to deliver priority aligned results.