Previously NHS Deputy National Director for Urgent and Emergency Care, Mark is committed to empowering high-need patients to live better lives, supported by innovative, proactive health care services. In his first year as CEO, HN were commissioned across a population of 1.8 million people; finding, inviting, and onboarding 2,152 patients (42% annual growth). This prevented over 1,335 ambulance conveyances, 3,800 A&E attendances, 600 emergency admissions, and shortened length of stay by 2,400 bed days, as well as very positive PREMS and PROMS (PAM13, SF12).

With a CIO background, and experience as a Managing Director in a first-wave ICS, he can see so much potential to support the NHS’s long-term plan and pandemic recovery. He is ever more convinced that transformation of primary care is at the heart of the NHS’s future. This is where HN’s focus on using safe, legal and appropriate machine-learning to support case-finding, and providing proactive, personalised care and robust evaluation can make such a difference.