The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is featured in the September 2019 issue of Anaesthesia News, the official magazine of the Association of Anaesthetists.

In the article, Dr Amanda Begley, National Director of the NIA, shares insights from our 2018 research report, NHS Innovation Accelerator: Understanding how and why the NHS adopts innovation, on how to improve the pace at which proven innovations move throughout the NHS.

“In the opening paragraphs of the NHS Long Term Plan for England, published in January 2019, it is highlighted that ‘Almost everything in this Plan is already being implemented successfully somewhere in the NHS’. The implication is that adoption and spread are significant problems.

Thus, the challenge becomes how we ensure everyone has equitable access to high impact innovations through the NHS. Anaesthetists, as the largest speciality group of doctors in NHS hospitals, are well placed to play a vital role in the adoption and spread of innovations.”

Find the full article in the September 2019 issue.