From June 2017, people with diabetes in Wales, aged between 16 to 24, will be able to register for a Patients Know Best (PKB) record.

The world’s only fully patient-controlled online medical records system, PKB will be working across seven health boards and within every clinical team providing young adult care services in Wales.

The primary focus of the project is to provide better, more consistent services to patients going through big changes in their lives – improving clinical outcomes as a result.

Dr Julia Platts, national clinical lead for diabetes in Wales said: “We know that young people may can become disengaged with their diabetes care teams when they’re approaching adulthood. This is because these years are often a time of great change – as they are for any young person. It’s a very particular time where we need to provide very particular services.

“We believe that a patient-controlled records approach will empower young people to monitor and manage their health in a more sophisticated way – and to ensure that their long term health outcomes are improved.”

The roll-out of patient-controlled records by NHS Wales also seeks to facilitate better relationships between young people with diabetes patients, their carers and the health and social care providers serving them across Wales.

Dr Platts continues: “Good early control of diabetes is essential for reducing complications later in life. So, this project is also about ensuring that we provide excellent support through insulin management, education and psychological services so we receive the best outcomes for the people with diabetes – and for NHS Wales.”

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO and founder of Patients Know Best said: “Putting young patients in control of their medical records is therapeutic. We know young people with an illness are particularly upset about the loss of control of their lives from illness. They often respond by disengaging, I certainly did so in my teenage years. We also know that outcomes are better for patients the more they engage to look after their health. We are so proud that Patients Know Best will be available to any young person in Wales with diabetes.”

Teenage experiences of diabetes

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