NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow, Stephen Bourke, shares his story with the HS. Health-Tech Podcast

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Stephen Bourke is co-founder of the UK medicines-management and digital pharmacy app, Echo. Not wanting to be defined by his own medical condition, Stephen, a lifelong patient, embarked on a journey to build a solution that empowers patients and puts them in control of their medications, improving adherence rates and making life with a chronic condition much easier.

Since its creation in 2016, Echo has gone on to scale nationally and has helped tens of thousands of people to stay well.With Stephen’s firm belief in patient-centred design, along with his background in branding and a team comprised of alumni from Apple, Lyst, Hello Fresh and Badoo, they might have proved that you can, in fact, make a medicines app sexy.

In this podcast, Stephen and Dr James Somauroo – Founding Partner of HS. Ventures – chat design, disruption and digitising the UK health service.

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