• Increase in patient choice & self-management
  • 30% more appointments attended
  • Nursing team freer to see more patients
  • Improved New: Follow-up ratio with virtual follow-ups
  • Decrease in call volumes

Nottingham University Hospital is one of the UK’s biggest foundation Trusts. With over a million outpatient attendances per year and 2000 beds, the patient access challenge is large. Together with DrDoctor, they set out to offer advanced two-way SMS and online tools for their patients to enable self-management and a world class end to end experience. Meanwhile, the project needed to deliver £3m savings per annum.

Brilliant and modern day way of handling appointments.
Patient, Nottingham University Hospital

We decided to roll out DrDoctor Trust wide after a successful trial achieving £100k in savings. The challenge was: how to implement DrDoctor quickly and effectively in a hospital of this size and continue to realize the full suite of benefits the product has to offer.


The project needed to deliver £3 million in savings per year.

It’s quick and efficient. Highly Recommended.
Patient, Nottingham University Hospital

What DrDoctor achieved:
Nottingham Hospitals achieved benefits at scale by training multiple users to use DrDoctor at the same time, thanks to train the trainer and the super users function. DrDoctor rolled out one directorate per week until the process was complete in only eight weeks. The team at Nottingham Hospitals then had an easy-to-use management portal with configurable interfaces they could manage and make ongoing changes on without needing assistance from us.

DrDoctor has enabled patients to self-manage, reducing work required to schedule appointments and improving clinic attendance. This was made possible by automated clinic booking, rescheduling and reminders, online, by SMS and email. The system integrates with the Hospitals EPR, Medway to automate booking team admin functions.

Building on this success, the Trust is now offering online virtual follow ups, surveys to monitor recovery remotely and triage patients.