Coordinate My Care (CMC) has published a new article displaying the impact this NIA innovation has on the lives of patients facing end of life care.

Coordinate My Care (CMC) is the digitally enabled urgent care plan that embeds consent, connectivity and clinical context into a service that better coordinates care at times of most need. Professor Julia Riley, consultant in palliative medicine and clinical lead for Coordinate My Care, shares how the service is improving patient outcomes and enabling a paradigm shift in how the NHS approaches unscheduled care.

The impact of the innovation has been substantial: about 50% of the deaths that occur in the UK happen in hospital, but for those who had created a CMC urgent care plan, only 18% had died in hospital with more spending of their final days in their preferred place of care.

The financial benefits are also clear: an independent evaluation provided evidence that the average cost saving was £2,100 per patient who died with a CMC care plan in place. If Coordinate My Care was diffused nationally through the NHS, the annual savings were estimated to be £852,500,000 for all patients who were predicted to die that year.

The patients who had a CMC care plan were more at ease that they did not need to recite their care plan to every new clinician they came in to contact with because all the information is in one place. Having a plan is reassuring because health officials will know exactly what ailments the patients have, and exactly how they need to be treated without having to wait in A&E.

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