NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow, Neil Daly, shares the story of Skin Analytics with the HS. Health-Tech Podcast

Neil Daly is CEO of Skin Analytics, a teledermatology skin cancer service that uses AI algorithms to take a dermoscopic image of a skin lesion helping to identify skin cancer.

Skin Analytics was recently featured in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) for its ability to identify melanomas as accurately as a specialist dermatologist.[button size=”medium_rd_bt” icon_color=”#006298″ t_color=”#ffffff” b_color=”#006298″ url=”https://open.spotify.com/episode/58tnU1aKhgvvs0b2Fa4kj1″ target=”yes” mb=”20″]LISTEN HERE[/button]About the HS. Health-Tech Podcast
The HS. Health-Tech Podcast covers the latest in health technology, news and interviews with disruptive health startups and leaders. HS. is an innovation ecosystem that builds and scales health companies to tackle global health issues. It works with founders, start-up teams, health providers and corporates to improve health and patient care through innovation.About Skin Analytics
Skin Analytics uses AI algorithms to take a dermoscopic image of a skin lesion, helping to identify skin cancer. By providing GP practices with a dermascope and image capture device, the innovation enables dermatologist-quality screening in primary care, within current appointment times and without the need for expensive equipment.